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Hello, and welcome to Quick Website Launch...

The Beginning

I started my own business in Surrey and managed website design and search engine optimization. I learned on the job and started with a free weebly website. Over a decade, I made a few SEO mistakes but I have now learned what works. 

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Next Step...

I wanted to take SEO more seriously as I could see its benefit of it for my business. I took an excellent SEO course and learned the basic SEO fundamentals from the technical side of SEO to the on-page SEO. I realised that, The way people consume media has evolved, and digital channels now command the majority of our attention. Those businesses who succeed in making digital a central element of their operations will be the most successful.

Then I Helped Others

I started to share what I learned about SEO with friends and they started to grow their online presence and grow their businesses. It’s all about ranking for keywords that will deliver qualified leads to your website and help you build your company. I then created Quick Website Launch in 2020 and I have already helped hundreads of businesses on Facebook and personally managed the SEO of businesses that have grown since me helping them!

How Can We Help You?

We now have a team that has developed a number of SEO services that will boost your ranking. We know how search engines work and how to use our unique, tried SEO process to provide great results. We produce great, forward-thinking results in top search engines like Google, Bing, and others thanks to our refined strategy. 

We offer free advice and tips on our Facebook Group. You can join over 1k members benefiting from our advice for free here: 

We also offer website design and SEO packages. All our website designs come with SEO included. We don’t produce organic traffic just to increase the number of visitors to our website. Our campaigns create money and return on investment; you won’t find a lot of traffic but few conversions here. We want results for you!

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