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Quick Backlinks

We will build a backlink strategy that is designed for your business USP. We use a number of methods to acquire backlinks over a period of time to match link velocity. 

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How It Works


For a small yearly cost. You will become a Quick Backlink member and receive all the benefits. Each member will be audited to check your website meets our requirements.

Buy or Earn Credits

You can buy or earn credits for links. We carefully and manually pick relevant backlinks for your website and your niche. We send you the link before you purchase it and explain where it will appear on the selected website.

All Links

Include a link to a real website. Each link will be a do-follow link. We recommend the anchor text that you choose and we deliver the link within 7 days.

Links You Can Trust

Have you searched on Fiverr for backlinks or searched the internet? You know that backlinks are vital for your SEO but need someone to trust. That is where we can help with our membership deals.

How much is a credit to buy?

A credit will cost $1 or £1. This is for new members only and an introduction offer so sign up today for the limited available spaces.

How Do I Earn Credits?

You earn credits by using the DA of your website to link to other members websites. For example you have a Domain Authority score of 17. You give a link to a member’s website that we have prepared for you. Each link within the group of members will be carefully selected that will be relevant and add to your SEO. We use Moz to give us the DA score.

How much Will This Cost on average per month?

That will be according to your budget for SEO and backlinks. You can spend as much or as little as you want per month. One month you may spend more and another you might spend less, it is up to you. We do recommend that you use 65 credits every month. If you earn 30 credits and buy 35 credits, that would cost you $35 per month.

We recommend that you use our backlink service every month but you are not tied into a contract. The reason we recommend that you acquire new backlinks every month is because of link velocity. Link velocity is gaining new links over a period of time. That is one method that we use that will boost your SEO.

Where Do you get your backlinks from?

For our high DA backlinks, we use blogger outreach. To get things started, we will usually need to send an email to your link prospects. Once we have done so, we will be able to get links from authoritative sites that will help you climb the SERPs.

Blogger outreach, on the other hand, is easier said than done. Because an outreach effort has so many moving pieces, even a minor blunder can result in significant losses down the road. As a result, you must master every facet of outreach in order to obtain the best backlinks possible.

We use other methods to acquire backlinks that might be a link to your website and not a blog post. We also use a method called 2 tier backlinks. That means we strengthen the backlink to your website with other links to the backlink. Does that make sense? It does to us and is a powerful way to increase your SEO.

You will get links from other members too. We balance all our backlink methods to seem as natural as possible to help your content shine on google. 

Can you help with my content?

Of course, we can! In fact, to qualify as a member we need to audit your website and check that it can be used. If we notice that your website needs help we will recommend what you need to do or if you want us to manage your content and SEO we can give you a quote for our affordable SEO services. 

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